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Tropical Paradise Woodworking

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Visit us at our new location 1049 Cedar Point Blvd
Tropical Paradise Woodworking
is the place to go when you are looking for something unique. They offer truly custom furniture. The furniture at Tropical Paradise Woodworking is not only custom painted but also, custom fitted. This is not one size fits all furniture. Whether you are large or small, Tropical Paradise Woodworking can build custom wood furniture for you. The furniture at Tropical Paradise Woodworking is high quality. They use only treated wood to build your custom creations. Your furniture can also be painted any color or design that you want.
Tropical Paradise Woodworking also offers many items to decorate your home. They have lots of wall decor to fill your rooms with color. Tropical Paradise Woodworking has custom painted buoys too! You can choose from one of the many designs that are in stock or, you can place an order for custom works. Every item is hand made and hand painted.
The best part of Tropical Paradise Woodworking is the pricing. They offer custom, hand made products for a fraction of the price that you would pay in a large outlet or chain store.

Shipping Available      Delivery Available (50mi radius)

1049 Cedar Point Blvd.
Cedar Point, NC

Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 10am-6pm