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Seagrass Whimsical Gift Shop Beaufort NC

A Whimsical Shopping Experience


519 Front St

Beaufort NC 28516

Open 7 days a week!



A Pet-Friendly Store!

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Seagrass Whimsical Gift Shop in Beaufort NC is a great place to stop in and do some shopping. Seagrass has everything from jewelry and clothing to local art and photography. They have a great variety of coastal decor and even have a pet corner for your four-legged family members. Seagrass Gift Shop has a Christmas loft that is open year round that has lots of unique and hand-made decorations. When you're in Beaufort NC, be sure to stop into one of the only pet-friendly shops on the Crystal Coast. Seagrass Whimsical Gift Shop in Beaufort NC is truely a unique and whimsical shopping experience.

seagrass whimsical gifts beaufort nc


Switch Flops by Lindsay Phillips, Tees from Sweetea, Life is Crap, Fishboy, BobtheFish, and more.

Hand-made Laugh out Loud Tin Signs, hand-made birdhouses, and Jellybean Rugs

Hand painted wine and martini glasses, Raku pottery, and Beaufort NC Custom Pottery

Pet supplies including dog treats, leashes, clothes, bowls, and more.

  The Shop Dogs, Gabby, Ham, and Lyric

Gabby, Ham, and Lyric can often be found hard at work in Seagrass Gift Shop in Beaufort. Seagrass Whimsical is a pet friendly store so, be sure to bring your K-9 companion by to meet the shop dogs.

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